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  • The Spiritual Life by Campegius Vitringa (translated and edited by Charles K. Telfer; foreword by Richard Muller)
    Vínculo Sagrado (original title: Sacred Bond 2nd ed) (written by Zach Keel and Michael Brown, edited by Charles K. Telfer, translated by Valentín Alpuche)
    Wrestling with Isaiah: The Exegetical Methodology of Campegius Vitringa (1659-1722)
    He has written essays and articles in various publications, including:
    Hapshin Theological Review
    Mid-America Journal of Theology
    Modern Reformation
    New Horizons
    OT400 Hebrew I
    NT401 Greek II
    OT401 Hebrew II
    NT400 Greek I
    Course descriptions are available in the WSC Catalogue.
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    The Spiritual Life
    Charles Telfer
    Aquinas Among the Protestants
    David M. VanDrunen
    Learning to Love the Psalms
    W. Robert Godfrey
    Triumph of the Lamb
    Dennis E. Johnson
    The Gospel-Driven Life
    Michael S. Horton
    Reformation Sketches
    W. Robert Godfrey
    Pilgrim Theology
    Michael S. Horton
    Pattern of Sound Doctrine
    David M. VanDrunen
    Message of Acts
    Dennis E. Johnson
    Living in God's Two Kingdoms
    David M. VanDrunen
    Let's Study Acts
    Dennis E. Johnson
    An Unexpected Journey
    W. Robert Godfrey
    A Place for Weakness
    Michael S. Horton
    A Better Way
    Michael S. Horton